Thursday, 28 July 2011

New Islet site

  We have been months in re-development for a new site with a new publishing schedule and here it is. We are now couched inside the new Island website. Islet has been described as Island’s little sister, but as little sisters are wont, we feel the need to define ourselves by more than our kinship with something older and more established.  While we feel fraternally linked and proud to be related to Island, we offer different content and have a different yet complementary mission to Island.
   We specifically publish micro (or flash) fiction and poetry from emerging writers and new work from emerging visual artists. We will also be publishing new media and commentary in the form of short essays and reviews - again from emerging writers and artists. 
 We’ll be publishing regularly – and I’m deliberately not defining what regular means – because part of the purpose of these changes is to reinvest a fluidity into this circular corner of cyberspace.

    First up on our new site are works that have been burning metaphorical holes in Islet’s computer’s files. There is the subtle and intense short fiction from Penny O’Hara Goodbye, love which is our first featured work on the new Islet site.
  The first published poem on the new site is Honeycomb of my Soul by Michelle Murray – a deceptive, almost saccharine title for a poem that is far from even falsely sweet. This poem is part of a larger work called Black Wedding Dress.
  Over the next week our first short essay (I'm loath to call it micro or flash essaying) will be published.

  If you would like to be alerted when we post new work subscribe to our RSS feed here.
It’s early days (all over again) – your feedback and suggestions – and of course messages of love and support are welcome.
with love and a great deal of appreciation for your patience,

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  1. Hi - it seems like you have removed all previous Islet content. Is that right?

    A bit disappointing for previous contributors. :(

    - Belinda Rule