Monday, 5 September 2011

Iteration:Again + podcast

   We chatted with Sarah Jones, a curator and the project manager for the public art piece(s) Iteration:Again which will take place around the state of Tasmania, in many iterations, involving many artists, throughout September and October.  Sarah talks about people's tendency to think of public art as something that is monumental and static - but how this project is far from that. She talks about the iterative process of creation, the role of curators in these works and the role of  CAST.
  This work brings together artists from all over the world with curators and will include pieces such as a constructed island where an artist will live for a week, work that brings light to the Wintery dark of Hobart and a Spaniard who will make shot from Taroona's Shot Tower. This is art that responds to the site (various, around the whole state) but is not permanent and is not monumental.
   Part of the CAST project is to bring writers in to respond to each work - and we would like to do the same - active blogging about the work, whatever your experience of it may be; light-giving landrovers at dawn in Hobart or semaphore flags from the Mercury building.
   If you would like more information - get in touch with us @isletonline.

PODCAST the interview here - and see you at the launch on September 15 at CAST.

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